ICON Dance Complex is one of New Jersey’s leading Dance Educational Facilities since opening in 2006. Family owned and operated, ICON brings over 30 years of professional dance and entertainment experience into the classroom. ICON strives to provide the best dance education in a fun & funky environment. We’ve shaped our name with connections, opportunities and proven success. When you step foot in ICON Dance Complex, get ready for a jump start on your dance career in a dance home that pushes you to be your best. ICON provides opportunity for the recreational dancer as well as for the dancer that wants to pursue their dance dreams. Whatever your vision of dance triumph may be… we’re here to make sure you achieve it. The ICON dancers are dedicated, passionate, hard working and always striving to “BE ICONic”. Come dance with us and join the ICON FAM!


ICON-GIVING MONTH runs the whole month of November until Thanksgiving break.  We have our Wall of Hope where you can purchase a feather for a $1 to add to the beautiful angel wings,  incredible gift basket raffles and winter apparel donations.  Please email or stop in for more info!  All proceeds and donations will go towards families dealing with childhood cancers.  #iconcares #icongiving #inspiredbyjordynswings #dancetothebeatofyourangelwings



Costume Measurements were held on Novemeber 3rd.  Please see the front desk if you have not been measured as soon as possible.

Thanksgiving break will be from Wednesday November 27th – Sunday December 1st.