Chris believes patience is key in dance. It shows the music with very high quality and high technique with his movement. He has been gracing the stage around the world in Israel, Thailand, Canada and Europe. He is a Finalist for the USA Team, competing in the IDO Hip Hop Championship in Germany participating in the Electric Boogie Category. He has been trained by legendary hip hop, popping, locking, voguing, and animation dancers in the world. Chris’s secret sauce is collaboration and believes when he is free-styling he is not just doing a series of moves but is creating art. Chris’s talents have been shown on ABC, NBC, MTV, Fox 5 and TV Guide. He won 100,000 dollars on the show Dance Machine on ABC.Touring with Nadia Ali on her World Tour. Chris has received 1st place in several dance battles. He really believes this quote “never stop practicing” it just feels better and more amazing when you have more control of your body – Slim Boogie